Adjustable Laptop and Device Tray, White

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Adjustable Laptop and Device Tray, White

Product no.: IPXTKI-SAT-00-W

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While most modern laptops come with excellent screens and full size keyboards, the close proximity of the keyboard to the screen finds many users hunching over their laptops to type.  Raising the laptop up off the desk can help improve your posture, while freeing up room on your desktop.

The 5501 adjustable laptop & device tray can be mounted on any of our lightweight monitor arms, including 7FlexPrima wall mounts and Prima Pole MountsA monitor arm, with VESA bracket and tilter, needs to be purchased separately to use this product.


Who buys this:

The 5501 adjustable laptop and device tray is ideal for dual monitor configurations, where a laptop, notebook or tablet computer serves as a second monitor, and also for hot-desking situations where people set up their personal laptops on shared workstations. 

Use this dual monitor mount with a wireless mouse and keyboard to create and ergonomic docking station for your computer. This dual monitor mount is an ideal solution for workers on the move. Improve productivity while working at your primary desk, and then simply grab the laptop or device and go when it?s time to leave.

  • Position laptop and monitor independently of each other
  • Adjustable laptop bracket accommodates laptops of most sizes
  • Mount securely grips laptop with quick attach and release
  • Adjustable clasps allow free access to jacks and ports
  • When used with tablet PCs, enables one-handed use of the tablet
  • Mounting arm floats monitor and laptop above the desk ? simply grab and move to desired position

Additional product information

Colour Black
Length 267mm
Width 70mm
Height 231mm
Warranty 10cm-50cm
Lead time 12 weeks

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