erTgo 1 - Hand Crank Desk Frame

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erTgo 1 - Hand Crank Desk Frame

Product no.: AC-UHC-2-PS

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The erTgo 1 Hand Crank Desk Frame is a practical sit-stand desk, featuring quick and easy adjustment via a well-geared hand crank.

Why Buy This:

The erTgo 1 Hand Crank Desk Frame allows you to work comfortably at your preferred height, either sitting or standing - and to simply move between the two. The convenient fold-away hand crank winds the desk-top up or down with minimal effort. The desk frame consists of aluminum one-step actuators, a steel adjustable crossbar, steel top supports, and flat aluminum feet with levelling footers. The horizontal cross-bar is a sleeve unit that can be adjusted to fit different desk-top widths, from 1500mm to 2100mm. A narrower version of the frame is also available. Various sized desktops can be added to the frame, or you can also fit an existing desktop. It can also be packaged with a 1500mm or 1800mm desktop.  The erTgo 1 Hand Wind Desk Frame can also be upgraded with an electric motor kit at a later date if desired.

Who Buys This:

The erTgo 1 Hand Crank Desk Frame is popular for a wide range of applications, including education and home use. 


Additional product information

Weight range Maximum capacity 60kg dynamic, 140kg static, including the desktop
Height range 680-1140mm
Desktop dimensions Suits desktops from 1500-2100mm width, 600-800 depth
Self assembly Self assembly required
Lead time 14 days
Warranty 5 years

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