Dell WYSE Thin Client Bracket

Dell WYSE Thin Client Bracket

A bracket specially designed to house the Dell WYSE Thin Client.

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Dell WYSE Thin Client Bracket

Product no.: 80156-000-29

The bracket allows you to place a Dell WYSE Thin Client up from the desktop, to a more comfortable viewing height. The bracket attaches between the monitor arm and the monitor, the Thin Client is inserted in a vertical position, and then the cables are atttached. This product is shown attached to our 7000 series monitor arm.

The Thin Client features an adjustable casing to allow for ease of inset of the thin client devices. The adjustments also allows the thin client device to be held securely.

The perferations on the thin client bracket are designed to perfectly match the perferations on the Dell WYSE Thin Client unit itself, to allow for seamless design integration and aiflow around the unit.

Additional product information

Length 18.5 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 20 cm

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