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Prima Quad LCD Monitor Pole Mount

Product no.: 80141-102-35

The Prima Quad LCD monitor pole-mount is a versatile and cost effective system to mount four LCD monitors above the desk. It can also support a laptop with a separate monitor, or a keyboard tray and a monitor.  

Why Buy This:

The Prima Quad LCD monitor pole-mount saves desk space, increases ergonomic flexibility and allows easy monitor adjustment of multiple LCD screens. This package includes:

  • Heavy duty through-desk grommet clamp
  • 750 mm pole
  • 8 x 215 mm extension arms
  • 2 x multiple LCD pole connectors
  • 4 x LCD VESA brackets and tilters

The Prima Quad LCD monitor mount system is supplied with a heavy duty through-desk (grommet) clamp as standard for extra stability. The standard pole height is 750 mm to accommodate two rows of two monitors, but this can be upgraded to a 1000mm pole for extra vertical adjustment.

The standard extension arm length is 215 mm (with 120mm also available), and up to three extension arms can be used in one line to give a total reach of 645 mm. These swivel extension arms adjust vertically up and down the pole allowing screens to be positioned as desired. Screens can rotate 360 degrees at up to three joints, while the monitor tilter mechanism offers over 270 degrees of vertical screen tilt.

A laptop tray or keyboard-only tray can also be fitted in place of a monitor. 

For heavy monitor combinations we also recommend the Prima Height Security Ring, to ensure the stability of monitors mounted at height, and to prevent unintended slippage down the pole system.

Who Buys This:

The Prima Quad LCD monitor pole-mount is particularly suitable for heavy duty information processing environments where multiple monitors need to be viewed at the same time.


Additional product information

Weight range Maximum load 10 kg per monitor, total load 60 kg
Self Assembly Basic self assembly required
Warranty 10 years
Lead time In stock and ready to ship
Screen size range Suitable for most monitor screens 14-30" (36-76 cms)

This includes the following individual products

Prima - Grommet mount - MT3
1 piece(s)
$39.00 / 1 piece(s)
Prima - LCD VESA bracket and tilter
4 piece(s)
$63.00 / 1 piece(s)
Prima - LCD Extension arm length 215mm
8 piece(s)
$45.00 / 1 piece(s)