Dual Monitor Arms. Dual mounts with 7000 Straight forearms

Dual Monitor Arms. Dual mounts with 7000 Straight forearms

A high quality, flexible, adaptable and robust monitor arm configuration. The 7000/7000 Dual Monitor Arm supports monitors and/or laptops on one mount

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Dual Monitor Arms. Dual mounts with 7000 Straight forearms

Product no.: 7000-7000-8408

The 7000 Dual Monitor Arm combines two 7000 straight arms on a single mount, allowing you to mount two computer screens or one computer screen and a laptop above your workspace from a single point on the desk.

Why buy this:

The flexibility of the 7000 arm in a dual configuration creates a multitude of ergonomic options for a single user, or for two users sharing the same mount.

The 7000 Dual Monitor Arm is intuitive to use, with no buttons or levers. Fingertip repositioning lets you put the monitor just where you want. The integrated gas articulated arms "float" the monitors above the desktop.

Made of sturdy cast aluminium, each 7000 series arm rotates 360ø at three joints. The monitor can be tilted up to 200ø, and you can easily pivot the screen from landscape to portrait. Integrated cable management keeps your work surface free from cable clutter.

The dual mount can be configured for desk edge, thru-desk, grommet hole or side bolt installation. Variations on this dual configuration are also available.

Who buys this:

The 7000 Dual Monitor Arm is a popular choice for two users working opposite one another, or for applications where the ability to independently position each monitors is required.


Additional product information

Weight range 7000 series = .09 - 14.1 kg per arm
Self Assembly Basic self assembly required
Warranty 10 years


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