Twin Monitor Arms. High cup mounts with 7000 straight forearms

Twin Monitor Arms. High cup mounts with 7000 straight forearms

The 7000/7000 twin monitor arm configuration provides excellent ergonomics for users who want to float their laptop and screen above the desk. 

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Twin Monitor Arms. High cup mounts with 7000 straight forearms

Product no.: 62457-7000-7000

The 7000/7000 Twin dual mount combines two separate monitor arms. This popular combination comprises of 2 x 7000 Monitor Arms and when used together provides excellent ergonomics for laptop users who can work with a twin screen set up; using the laptop screen on one 7000 arm with a tray, and a conventional LCD/LED screen attached to the other 7000 monitor arm. This configuration has been used for some of Australia?s largest financial institutions and is particularly suitable for ? and developed from ? activity based working (ABW) or agile working. Overall, the 7000/7000 twin is an excellent ergonomic package with an unparalleled range of movement and adjustability. With its low desktop foot-print, it provides maximum space and utility for laptop users.

Why buy this:

The 7000/7000 floats either 2 flat panel monitors or 1 flat panel monitor and a laptop tray above the work surface. Both laptop and monitor are easily adjustable, at the touch of a fingertip. The integrated gas cylinders and special friction adjustment grommet screws allow very precise calibration to individual monitor and laptop weights and sizes.

A high mount cup column bracket also provides for an optional stop rotation puck. The stop rotation is used to limit the horizontal traverse of the arm so that monitors are not accidentally bumped against walls etc, or when desks are in close proximity, and some lateral movement needs to be restricted.

The 180 degree stop rotation puck reduces the monitor arm horizontal movement to 180 degrees. In situations where users face each other on the same workstation, or are facing a glass wall, the 180 degree puck prevents the  monitor arms from extending past the back of the desk.

Extra height can also be added with the optional 5cm (2 inch) and 15cm (6 inch) extenders, available at additional cost. 

Supplied with standard desk clamps, the 7000/7000 can also be thru-desk mounted or wall mounted. 

s standard, the 7000-500 supports monitors that weigh from 0.9 ? 5.9 kgs, and is particularly suitable for supporting the new lightweight laptops on a tray. Higher weight-rated arms for heavier monitors and laptops are also available in the 7000 Series monitor arm range.

Who buys this?

7000/7000 Twin monitor arm is a popular monitor arm combination for laptop users, with many thousands of units sold in Australia. It is particularly popular in the finance, banking and telecommunications sectors. 

Additional product information

Weight range 7000 series = .09 - 14.1 kg per arm
Self Assembly Basic self assembly required
Warranty 10 years

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