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UPLIFTING SOLUTIONS, Aurora Community Channel,
Industry Leaders for local Australian businesses. Aired on Foxtel, Aurora Channel, November 2016.



Much more than hot desking, Activity Based Working (ABW) has become an important aspect of contemporary workplace culture –
with many businesses using it as a way to commit to employee welfare and productivity, especially in computer-intensive workplaces

InDesignLive, Feb 2018


Most sought-after places to work.

Uplifting Solutions are the number one supplier of monitor arms to 5 of the top ten corporate organisations where activity based working is a priority.

Australian Financial Review, 18 May 2017







Portable, lightweight and flexible, Cicada is a height-adjustable stand that elevates your laptop or iPad screen to an ergonomic viewing height.

Executive PA, February 2014 - Click here






Leader of the pack in the best-selling 7000 series, the 7Flex® Radial Monitor Arm is the most adaptable, durable and functional monitor arm available anywhere. As versatile as a Swiss army knife, this single monitor arm can suit many functions.

Industry Update, June 2014 - Click here







The Infiniti Desk Treadmill combines the health benefits of being active, while working at a desk. It can be teamed with a Conset Height Adjustable Desk (as shown), or with an existing height adjustable desk.

Industry Update, November 2013 - Click here







We offer cost effective, height adjustable work desks, chairs and monitor arms designed for a sit-stand environment.

Industry Update, October 2013 - Click here



InDesignlive_7Flex Monitor Arm


















Indesign, Issue 54, 2013 

































Indesign, Issue 54, 2013


Indesign, Issue 54, 2013