Ergotech 100 Series - Triple mount

Ergotech 100 Series - Triple mount

Product no.: 80475-000-41
Delivery weight: 12 kg
Possible delivery methods: Shipping Australia wide, Pick up at warehouse

The Ergotech monitor desk stands comes standard with a 10 year warranty. All Ergotech monitor desk stands are made of steel and aluminium construction and come equipped with our patented Quick Release Pivots for easy, instant setup and adjustment.

• Includes 16" pole + 3 standard pivots + mounting
• Desk clamp
• Available in Black

Ergotech designed their patented Quick Release Pivots with the end-users experience in mind. The Quick Release Pivots allow for easy, instant setup and effortless monitor adjustment. They simply attach to your monitor and snap into place on the desk stand arm. Once in place, you are free to move, rotate and tilt your monitors as you wish!


Taking the monitor off the desk stand is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just tilt the monitor back, pull up the release pin and lift it off the arm.


One of the key available features of the Ergotech desk stand are the vertically adjustable pivots, which allow you to perfectly tile monitors across and choose your own custom viewing angles.

The Adjustable Pivots also allow for tilt up 20º/down 10º and tilt left 25º/tilt right 25º.


Ergotech is known for their ability to provide simple, tool-less product installation to it’s customers.  You're able to install the Ergotech monitor desk stand in just 3 easy steps!

1. First, insert the pole into the base and tighten the set-screw with the included allen key.

2. Next, slip on the crossbar and tighten the pole clamp.

3. Using the quick release pivots, simply place your monitors on the crossbar.


Additional product information

Weight 9 kgs
Length 41cm
Width 122cm - 142cm
Height 41cm
Weight range 0.5 kgs -11.5 kgs per monitor
Warranty 10 years
Lead time In stock, normally available within 7 days
Screen size range Three ≤27" wide monitors

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